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This gives demo-groups a lot more artistic freedom, but can frustrate some of the old-schoolers for lack of a programming challenge. Demo parties have competitions with varying limitations in program size or platform (different series are called compos).

On a modern computer the executable size may be limited to 64 k B or 4 k B.

The perception that the demo scene was going to extremes and charting new territory added to its draw.

Recent computer hardware advancements include faster processors, more memory, faster video graphics processors, and hardware 3D acceleration.

Writers went so far as to exploit known hardware errors to produce effects that the manufacturer of the computer had not intended.

Programs of limited size are usually called intros.

In other compos the choice of platform is restricted; only old computers, like the 8-bit Atari 800 or Commodore 64, or the 16-bit Amiga or Atari ST, or mobile devices like handheld phones or PDAs are allowed.

The Lexus, which was reported stolen to police, was travelling north before it collided with the turning vehicle.

The white car was reported to police as stolen from Elwood on September 28.

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