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In the [IM] conversation I sent you, that’s the whole thing, and within about an hour, we Skyped.What exactly did the person get you to do on Skype?She gave me a Western Union address to send to her, and it was Ivory Coast, Africa. They ended up deleting all the messages, and nothing ended up happening.I phoned my best friend, and he was like, “Just talk to your family and tell them not to open up any videos that are sent. But I phoned my dad and was telling him and my uncle not to open anything. I’ve seen my uncle since then and the whole family, and they haven’t said anything about it. I don’t know if I just got lucky, or maybe they felt bad for me because I was playing that pouty story. No, because I just knew that if they’re out of the country, there’s nothing they can do about it.I couldn’t imagine if it happened to guys who were married or had kids—that’s when they probably pay. He just deleted his Facebook, and it kind of went away.How do you feel about it now that a bit of time has passed and you have heard about it happening to other people? It scared the shit out of me when it first happened.I was just waking up, I was a little hungover, and it was kind of really out of the blue.

I don’t mind you using my name because if someone’s in that situation, they read this, and they want to talk to someone about it, I will gladly try to help them. Almost a fifth of people in long-distance relationships said they used digital encounters to keep the passion alive, and 14 per cent of people in couples said it was necessary because work schedules kept them apart.‘To see that one in three sexual encounters are now digital was surprising, and perhaps a little telling about how people approach sex nowadays.Police say a number of young men are becoming the victims of sextortion.We spoke a guy from BC on how he was tricked into it.

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