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“I was married like a princess and within three years abandoned like a beggar,” said Sheikha, who asked that her last name not be used.

“Our arguments began with my husband blaming me for his debts.” Sheikha’s husband, like many Omani men, had taken out a bank loan to finance wedding expenses, which are traditionally the domain of the groom.

The trend of lavish weddings began during the 1980s and has created a demographic imbalance by encouraging Omani men to marry foreign women, perceived as less likely to demand high dowries or weddings.

Omani weddings can cost 30,000 rials while dowries reach up to 15,000 rials.

OMR Central Bank of Oman Baisa = 1/1,000 of a Rial Notes – 100, 200 baisa, ½, 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 rials.

Coins: 5, 10, 25, 50 baisa Foreign visitors are generally made to feel very welcome in Oman, but you will be expected to strictly abide by their cultural ways.

In the country’s interior, that figure can be as high as 30,000 rials.

A low dowry arouses suspicion that something is ‘wrong’ with the girl, making higher dowries a matter of pride, he added. “I worked for five years before I got married and used my entire savings in financing my marriage.“We kept competing with our peers and now we are begging the government for help.” People who earn less than 500 rials per month are eligible to apply for the 4,000 rial loans.But the proposal may not help make a significant dent in current costs.“The majority of divorces occur due to underlying financial issues and although dowry may not be the direct cause of a divorce, it acts as a catalyst for fuelling financial tension and personal disputes.” The steep costs of financing weddings, which forces many young men to remain unmarried, cropped up during violent protests that rocked Oman this year as political turmoil spread across the Arab world.In addition to protests calling for better pay, jobs and an end to graft in the Gulf Arab state, demonstrators also wanted government action to set up a marriage fund to help young couples meet spiraling marriage costs.

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