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I point blank asked him if this was a scam, that I was worried.

He said "and you should be","no, what I mean is, no this isn't a scam, and you have nothing to worry about". I was pretty sure at that point I wasn't going to be getting anything.

Be it known to you that the telegraphic remittance process has been concluded and the funds is now available for immediate online transfer into your nominated bank account.

In regards to the transfer process of your funds, you are expected to follow the simple instruction given to you to effect a success transfer of your funds Note: Your funds was deposited by GOMEK FINANCE GROUP INC.

During this time, I had looked up Brooks Lending everywhere I could on-line. I then call my husband and ask him what I should do. He assured me that the funds would be in my bank account by 10 am the next morning.

MTCN NUMBERS: SENDERS FULL NAMES: Do get back to us upon the receipt of this email and let us know when you will be able to carry out payment so that we can know the way forward on this transaction. Otherwise, they will make you pay a higher transfer fee." I get to the Western Union, to pay the 0 for the "insurance policy".And the cost of transfer by Western Union will only be 5 you are to choose this option, all you need to do is to send down your full name and your house address to enable us transfer your loan to you successfully . There is a little charges attached to this loan before it can be transferred.Info needed for western union transfer Receiver's Name.... You are required to pay for the legal Administrative charges which is only said to be Five Hundred and Twenty Dollars (0). Johnson explained the insurance was that if I was unable to make the payments for any reason then the insurance would make the payments. We've been offered this type of "disability" or "credit-life" type policy before on other loans.To this end, an online bank account will be opened / Activated in your name to enable the subsequent deposition of it's exact value, so that we can proceed with the transfer of the fund. Domiciliary Classic Account : Activation Deposit ........ To this note, clients are required to abide by the Banking policies of the British Government by making security deposit for ACCOUNT OPENING.Once this account has been activated / opened, you would transfer online the said funds to any of your designated bank account across the globe. The Financial Services Authority ( FSA ) is the independent regulator set up by Government to look after the financial services industry and protect consumers.

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